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Question: मई th month pragnecy me brest me दरद or body पर pimple क्यू hote h

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Answer: हार्मोन चेंज होते ह इसलिये
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सवाल: lobor pain kaise or kab strt hote h kya 8 month me hote hai
उत्तर: hello dear One to four weeks before labor Your Baby “Drops” that means your stomach gets down close to vagina. Your cervix, too, is starting to prepare for birth , It starts to open and thin out in the days or weeks before you deliver. You Feel More Cramps And Increased Back Pain your joints becomes looser. you have diarrhea you stop gaining weight. you feel extra tired The hours before labor starts Your Vaginal Discharge Changes Color And Consistency your water breaks.
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सवाल: hi... 8 th month me kon se test hote hai
उत्तर: Ultrasound tests can be done to check: Level of amniotic fluid. Growth of the baby by measuring her thigh bones, head and midsection. Position of the baby to determine whether you would need a caesarian section. In case you are overdue, the tests might check the heartbeat and well-being of baby. The location of the placenta and cervix.
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सवाल: Hello during pregnancy kitne vaccination hote h or wo kis month me lene hote h plz tell me
उत्तर: Two vaccines are specifically recommended for pregnant women: the flu (influenza)vaccine, which should be given during the first or second trimester of pregnancy; and the Tdap (tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis) vaccine, given when you're 27 to 36 weeks pregnant to guard against whooping cough (aka pertussis).
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