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Question: रेसिपी फॉर babirs

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Answer: डियर आपको बेबी के लिए कोन सी रेसपि चाहिए प्लीज़ नाम बताय
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सवाल: Hi i m nisha jadhav and exceptance the 8 month..bt in 8 months sonography babirs weight shows only 1.5 kg and my dr said m says day baby's weight is not good....so tell m the average weight
उत्तर: Baby weight should have been 1.9 and above. But do not worry. You still have time drink sugarcane juice every day and pomegranate juices. Take coconut water twice a day. Eat 5 fruits servings a day. These will help to boost baby's weight and also keep taking your supplements It is important to get a doppler flowmetry to know the fetal circulation if running properly or there has been an IUGR.
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सवाल: My babirs left eye turned bit reddish n swollen,m confused if its an insect bite or he hurtwd himself wid his toy,is dere anythng to worry
उत्तर: Hi dear, Since you are not sure about the cause,observe the redness over the period of time.if it's increasing or any discharges seen through then wipe it off with warm water soaked cloth.there is no need to worry,unless the eye is swollen or the redness is increasing.
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सवाल: Hello, Can anyone please suggest me tge best and safe way to clean my babirs wax from ears? She is just 5 and half months old.
उत्तर: Put a drop of lukewarm mustard oil
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