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Question: डॉक्टर plz btaye आज muje टॉयलेट krte time हलके se ब्लड ke स्पॉट आया tha to esi koi bt to ना hai ना muje3month complete hua एच aj

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Answer: स्पॉटिंग इज नॉर्मल अप टु 3 months
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सवाल: Mere baby ko rashes ho gye hai jaha se stool pass krte hai vha se bilkul red hua pda hai plz koi remedy btaye jaldi
उत्तर: Hello Poor little baby. My daughter used to get really bad diaper rash, I know how sad it us to see you little one with a bright red tush. I did what other people have said, let her air out a little, and use a rash cream on her. I love thezinc cream Johnson baby diaper rash cream. Make sure you put it on once her bum is dry, it will create a barrier between her bum and any wet. Also use warm wet cloths to clean her up instead of wipes, wipes can be very irritating if she already has a rash. Dd got rashes so much that I had to use baby powder to keep her dry too. If the rash doesn't visibly improve, usually quite drastically, within a couple days have her checked out. It could be a yeast infection or require a prescription.
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सवाल: Plz answer my question muje aj sote time sex dream aya n veginal dischrg b hua ise baby pe koi fark to ni pdega plz help me
उत्तर: No don't worry, baby ko koi problem nhi hogi. It was just a dream. Ham to kisi v type ki dream dekh sakte h.it is completely normal. Spotting is any light vaginal bleeding , because of hormonal changes during pregnancy.  Spottingis more common in women who are taking  drugs. It is normal. Infection of the vagina, uterus or cervix can be also cause of spotting. Doctor always said spotting is okay! Lots of us have it. U should worry when it comes red in colour. 
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सवाल: Hii ,mera 5th month kal complete hoga .bt muje pregnancy k second month se white thich discharge ho rha he .mene pda tha ki normal he ,bt last time jb mene altrasound krvaya to mera amunitic fluid 11 tha so dr. Ne pucha kahi ye leak to nhi ho rha bt muje nhi pta.so plz tell me ye discharge fluid to nhi he
उत्तर: Hi dear ho sakta hai aapka amonotic fluid leak hota ho. Agar fluid vaginal area se discharge ho raha ahi tho aap flow pe dhayan de. Aap amonotic fluid ke flow ko control nahi kar sakte. Wo continuous flow hota rahega. Aap pad wear kar le aur thode hours ke baad chek kare. Agar discharge me sweet smell ho aur colorless ho tho wo amonotic fluid hai.
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