18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: टिटनस का इंजेक्शन कौन्से मंथ मे लगता है

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Answer: हेलो डियर 26 वीक मे लगता है गर्भावस्था में टेटनस के infection से बचाने के लिये टेटनस का injection लगाया जाता है। pregnancy में टेटनस के 2 टीके लगते हैं और इनमे 4 weeks का gap होता है |
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सवाल: मां के ब्लड ग्रुप के अनुसार भी कोई इंजेक्शन लगता है क्या? और कब?
उत्तर: agr blood group negative ho to lagta hai ... wo bhi within 24 hours of delivery ...
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सवाल: मुजे 5 मंथ चल रहा है बेबी किक का कब और कैसे महसूस होती है?
उत्तर: Timeline of Baby Movement Here is a guide to your baby's possible movements. Week 12: Your baby should start to move, but you probably won't be able to feel anything, because the baby is still so small. Week 16: Some pregnant women will start to feel tiny butterfly-like flutters. The feeling might just be gas, or it might be the baby moving. Week 20: By this point in your baby's development, you may start to really feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening." Week 24: The baby's movements are starting to become more established. You might also begin to feel slight twitches as your baby hiccups. Week 28: Your baby is moving often now. Some of the kicks and jabs may take your breath away. Week 36: Your uterus is getting crowded as the baby grows, and movements should slow down a bit. However, alert your healthcare provider if you notice significant changes in your baby’s usual activity. You should feel consistent movement throughout the day.
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सवाल: मेरी बेटी का 5 महीने कंप्लीट हो गये है . उसे क्या खान मे दू
उत्तर: Abhi kuch nahi after 6month h Dena Hai jo v Dena Hai. Just breast feed h dijiye. Pani tak nahi dena
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