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Question: क्या प्रेग्नेन्सी के chauthey महीनें mein sex karna सेफ hai?

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Answer: हा अगर कोई प्रॉब्लम ना हो तो
समान प्रश्न, उत्तर के साथ
सवाल: pragnacy mein itne tym sex nhi karna chahia
उत्तर: Unless your health care provider advises you otherwise, sex during pregnancy is safe for both you and your baby. The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid in the womb, by your abdomen, and by themucus plug which seals your cervix and helps guard against infections.
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सवाल: Mujhe 15 weeks ki pregnancy hai sex ke baad Mereko vagina mein khujle hote hai Mujhe sex karna chaiye ya nahi
उत्तर: agar aapko aisa hota hai toh aapko ek baar doctor se confirm kar lena chahiye dear in kahin ye koi infection ki wajh se toh nahi hai. Kya aapko urination le samay bhi itching hoti hai? agar aisa hain toh ho sakta hai ki aapko urinary tract infection ho gaya ho dear.
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सवाल: Mere husband ki pulse badi hui hai kya aise mein sex karna theek honga
उत्तर: Hello, If he is ok and can do it then you can have intercourse there is nothing to worry about..
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