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Question: muje 10week के baadh period आई है main pregnant hu but jb chek kiya to नेगेटिव था dobara cheak kiya to ik line light or dark thi meri blood mein b pregnancy nhi आई but kl se muje black thik blood ho rha hai

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सवाल: G mrng mam!mam mene last 6 ko check kiya tha os me ik line dark or dosri light pink thik thi or abhi mujhe dubara se check krna chahiyeya nahi plz ask me
उत्तर: Agar aapka period nhi aaya he so pls check once again early in the morning.
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सवाल: Hello dr kl mene HCG test kiya tha us time to ek line dark thi bhut aj subh wahi dobara kl Wala jb dekha to dark k sath ek light bhut light line b dikhi but bleeding horhi h subh se hi kya samjhu kya kru
उत्तर: I will recommend you to take one more test today or tomorrow. Morning test is required and the first-morning pee, with midstream urine. Usually, the strips need to be thrown after the test since the hcg level tester is very susceptible/sensitive to environmental changes. The quality of test degrades after 5hrs so it's advised to do new test everytime you miss a period. Also as the bleeding is happening just check if you are having a normal period like bleeding if it's just a spotting. Both cases can have an early pregnancy miscarriage. If you see bleeding more than 2 days condsult your gynae and she will advise you some medications to help relieve pain and bleeding. Hope it helps! Take care.
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सवाल: Hello mam meri period date 29 thi last nd aaj 5 din ho gye nhi aae date aaj maine chek kiya prega news se to 1 pink line dark h or 2 line light h
उत्तर: Hi only after 45 days ur pregnancy will get confirmed . Atleast u need to skip a period . Then only u can check .
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