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Question: एच.सी.जी. down kyu hua mera mam phle 1050 tha 4 days के bad 650 kam hone के reson kya h plz bta digiye

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सवाल: Mam, mera hemoglobin bhut kam h plz bateye kya kru ..
उत्तर: Hello During pregnancy ur heart works harder to provide needed nourishment to your baby the body increases blood by 30 to 50 percent. The normal range of haemoglobin levels should be 12 to 15. Due to dis it is necessary for pregnant women to increase their intake of folic acid and iron. U can eat dark green leafy vegetables mushroom lemongrass chana black beans are red meat fortified bread cereal and pasta. Citrus fruits kiwi water melon strawberries tomatoes pomegranates dates in are very high nutrient value and iron content. Hope I helped .
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सवाल: Hi mam...mera 2 baar miscarrge hua..tests se miscarrge ka reson pta nhi chala...so abhi mje frse concive krna h to kya iui krwane se miscarrge hone k chances kam ho skte h kya??? Plss tell
उत्तर: Iui treatment is only to conceive.. If you can conceive naturally, no need to go for iui.. There is no link between Miscarriage and iui..
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सवाल: 30 weeks me v ultrasound hota h kya? Isse phle mera 19 week hua tha
उत्तर: You can do colour droplet test scan around this time. You should consult your gynac and go in for the scan.
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