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Question: आज muje puri Raat nind nhi aai iska क्या karan hai

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Answer: हेलो डिअर, प्रेग्नेंसीय में हार्मोन परिवर्तन होने की वजह से एक समस्या नींद का ना आना भी होता है ऐसा होना सामान्य बात है अगर आप चाहती है कि आपको अच्छी नींद आये तो आप किसी प्रकार का तनाव ना ले , कोई भी निगेटिव चीजे ना सोचे आप सोचे कि जो भी हो रहा है वो अच्छा ही हो रहा है , आप अपना मुह अच्छे से धो ले , अपने हाथ पैरो की अच्छे से मॉलिश कर ले ऐसा करने से आपको अच्छी नींद आएगी !
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सवाल: What should I do muje puri raat nind nai aati
उत्तर: Hello dear, During pregnancy due to harmonal changes, you may not get enough sleep,try these steps,hope it helps you. Drink warm milk before bed, Take bath with warm water before bed, Take light and digestive food in dinner, After dinner make a habit of walking 15 min, regularly. During bed time listen to good music or read good books,it will make your mind relaxed and promotes good sleep.
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सवाल: muje abi 15 days se nind ki bdi problm ho rhi h muje puri puri rat nind nhi ati
उत्तर: Insomnia or lack of proper sleep is the most common symptoms in pregnancy and can happens in any trimester. Though it’s not harmful for you neither for the baby but good sleep is needed for healthy body. You can try for, 1. Have a habit of doing meditation and yoga. 2. Warm water bath before bed. 3. Drink Warm milk before bed . 4. Have some fenugreek seeds. 5. Chamomile tea once a day 6. Eat bananas regularly 7. Avoid caffeine 8. Reduce stress in life and stay happy
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सवाल: hii mujhe raat m sone m bht dikkt hoti h nind nhi aati h puri raat gbhraht rhti h.....
उत्तर: First , always keep yourself occupied. This helps in not letting your mind wander. You can fully concentrate in your present. Second, Get ample of rest and sleep.Often overtired body and mind can make you anxious and overwhelmed. Third, practice light exercises it's best remedy to keep your mind at peace. Fourth, Eat healthy and stay hydrated. A well fed and rested body responds much better than hungry and tired one. Fifth, Before sleeping have a glass of lukewarm milk it will help you sleep better. Sixth, you can add 2 3 drops of lavender oil on your pillow, it's known for its calming and sleep inducing properties. Seventh, listen to soothing music, you can even try garbhsanskar. Read your favourite book. Don't use mobile as it will overtire you making it more difficult to sleep.
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सवाल: Mujhe nind kam aa rhi hai.. puri raat bechain rahte hai
उत्तर: Don't worry nothing serious
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