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Question: आज चांद गरहन का बहोत शोर है.. क्या टाइमिंग है कोई सही नही बताता है....plss help me...pls give my answer exact time koi btaye pls

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सवाल: mera pehle scan mein low laying placenta bolke reports ayety but 2ed scan mein placenta posterior Karke aya hai to doctor ne kaha ke Ab koi problem Nahi hai Karke. kya ek bar placenta upar Jane ke bad phir se niche to Nahi ata hai na Pls help me Pls give me the answer as soon as possible pls
उत्तर: your placenta doesn't actually move. It's attached to you and stays attached. When people say move or migrate - it happens because your uterus grows and the attached placenta goes with it. The placenta doesn't detach or slide around in there randomly...just think of an inflatable balloon and a design on it - when you blow the balloon up a design really close to the opening may now be more in the center of the balloon, but it didn't "move." That's how some low-lying placentas become non-issues - as the utuerus grows and stretches the attached placenta may then be 3 cm and not 1.5 cm away from the opening of the cervix. so need to worry everything is ok... Relax and enjoy the phase...
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सवाल: Plz answer my question muje aj sote time sex dream aya n veginal dischrg b hua ise baby pe koi fark to ni pdega plz help me
उत्तर: No don't worry, baby ko koi problem nhi hogi. It was just a dream. Ham to kisi v type ki dream dekh sakte h.it is completely normal. Spotting is any light vaginal bleeding , because of hormonal changes during pregnancy.  Spottingis more common in women who are taking  drugs. It is normal. Infection of the vagina, uterus or cervix can be also cause of spotting. Doctor always said spotting is okay! Lots of us have it. U should worry when it comes red in colour. 
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सवाल: My baby 2 years old every time after sleeping he was crying pls give me answer
उत्तर: When baby woke up baby passes the urine or not? For urine wetness some baby will cry.. if baby crying while passing urine means consult doctor.. may be baby have some urinal infection..
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