Hello dear... You need to feed the baby from both sides...beecause breasts produce milk according to the demand and supply rule... So, if you or the baby feeds only on one side, then that breast will  produce more milk than the other... Due to this, there could be low milk production in the other breast.. This is quite normal and can happen in normally functioning breasts... So you must start feeding the baby from the breast that produces less milk... The sucking action of the baby will stimulate more breast milk production.. hope this helps...
Hi dear, Due to hormonal, stress, illness and physiological reasons your might have had one day period. Simple you have a lighter period. If the bleeding is like spotting less than normal period it can be implantation bleeding too. You can carry out the pregnancy test once you pass 2 weeks of missed period as it gives the accurate result. If you are pregnant, your body needs time to develop detectable levels of HCG.
Hi.. you can make ragi porridge, dry fruits rice and all types of dals powder.. Idly, almost all types of fruits except citrus fruits.. you can feed in the form of Puree..
Hi dear anything below 100.4 is normal for baby so dont worry
Hi dear, It seems to be vaginal flatulence.where the trapped air emits out.it happens during sexual intercourse or even exercises.unlike anal farts,vaginal flatulence won't involve waste gas.so it is usually odourless.they also known as queef in slag terms.
Hi dear, you can make rawa dosa and give baby hand mashed or you can make porridge of rawa baby will love both things and it won't stich in baby throat and baby can digest it easily..