Hi ma'am, Use nasoclear to clear the nose. However, this gives temporary relief. I would suggest teaching your toddler how to blow out nose which would help remove all the mucus and give permanent relief.
Hi, it becomes very difficult to feed kids of this age. So to overcome the fussiness you need to twist and cook with ingredients. Like prepare Partha Pizza with vegetables and cheese, or cut noodles in thin strips and cook like noodles with vegetables and all. Hope this helps.
Neha Niharika Nitya
Hello Ma'am. To treat urine infection at home, it is important you give plenty of fluids to your child. Coconut water and juices like cranberry, blueberry and pineapple are the best. This will flush out the bacteria through the urine. Also, always encourage (not force) your child to urinate more often. If you feel the infection is not going on its own even after 2-3 days then I would strongly advice you to see a doctor.
Kuch naya agar start karna ho to pehle uske leg ke small part me kijiye,then agar normal raha to body me.try himalaya or dove both r good n mild
Hi aap uska diet achese rakhiye. Green vegetables beetroot cereals fruits dates milk and milk products you bhi ghar par bana hai sab digeye. Aur junk food processed foods avoid kigeye. Aur ek bar uska hemoglobin bhi check karvayiye. Isse bhi weakness feel hota hai. Take care