Presan mt hona g.. 2week k bad dubara krana.. 6th week m kuch v ache se pta nhi chlta ok
Hi dear, Yes you can definitely have sex during pregnancy too.yes protection is important to avoid any infection.alsonif you have any complications then it's better to avoid it.
Hi.. As baby, is 10 months you can make semi solids not as complete paste and once baby completes 12 months started to walk and teeth comes you can give as solids
Baby ko bhut Sara pani pilao. Or us ko Nehla ke coconut oil lgao. Maine consult kiya tha doctor ko doctor ne yhi bola h
Yes dear U can feed ur baby in lying position but be ensure that baby should properly latch ur breast as it is little difficult position for newborn babies to latch easily.So, if u see that baby and u are totally comfortable in sleeping position, then u can feed feed ur baby.
Haan ji pain ho sakta hai par bleeding ni hona chahia, Rest kre aur khayal rakhe
Hi dear, a healthy weight of 9 months baby should be anywhere between 7-10kg and your baby's weight is completely healthy and normal.
Hi.. It might be diaper rash. Put dialer rash cream before putting diaper to ur baby. Diaper rash causes a red puffy rash around your baby's genitals, bottom and the folds of her thighs. The rash can sometimes look pimply, and may either be dry or moist.So, to avoid such situation, put diaper rash cream before putting diaper. Also u can apply coconut oil to the rash area.