Hey dear for your 7year old rather than cough syrup.....your should give grated ginger juice mixed with honey to your baby.also whenever you give milk add a pinch of haldi in it. You have already shown to doctor and giving medicine ..u should nebulize your kid as cough is getting severe...u ask your doctor for nebulizer it will definitely help in faster recovery.
Hi u can give sandwiches paratha idli sambar , cornflakes with fruits , boiled egg, bread with egg. There are so many option which u can choose from ur baby liking and disliking.
Hi! The complexion of your baby girl has been decided at the time of conception hence whatever you do and whatever cream or lotion or powder you apply it is not good to change your baby's complexion and if your baby's complexion is a little dull it doesn't really make her any less in any aspect.. Hope this helps!
Hello yes dear, a healthy weight of 8 year baby should be 25 kg so your baby weight is absolutely normal and healthy..
Hi sometimes baby becomes cranky and fussy and refuse to eat anything. So you need to understand the reason check whether baby is suffering from worm infection or any other stomach infection and try different types of food and while feeding tell different stories give small quantity of food at regular intervals which helps. Try it may help
Hii dear Due to their tiny tummies often drink milk very frequently whether it s breast feed r formula milk...it is very difficult to determine the quantity measuring...there r some clues.....to guess baby tummy full...aftr baby tummy full stops drinking milk....r...baby goes to sleep... Same when baby is hungry Start crying r licking hand r their thumb..