Hi, to improve haemoglobin, try iron rich food like spinach, watermelon, apple, dates, Ragi. Give this on regular basis. There will definitely be an increase in the haemoglobin.
Helo dear Babye urakkunnathine mumb urin pass cheyyipich kidathuka, nigtilum ezhunnelpich urinn pass cheyyikkuka.. Onnu doctore kanikkunnath nallathaane, enthengilum problm undengil ath maarumbol ok aakum.. Pedikenda....
Hi dear. if baby have worms so it should be treated well because it can suppress your baby's appetite , will result in illness and low weight . very good remedy for deworming you baby is cinnamon take a cinnamon stick and boil it whenever you boil milk for you baby and give this milk to you baby it will help her a lot . you can also add cinnamon powder in your baby's food . hope this will work for you baby
Hi dear... Is your baby the only child? 3 years baby is still a little baby... babies need your pampering and attention and this might be the reason to divert your attention towards him. Dont be nervous.. it is completely normal..keep showering your attention and love towards him.
Hi.. Some babies become fussy or refuse feed in the days leading up to or during their mother's menstrual period or when she is ovulating. This is because hormonal changes can affect breast milk . A mother's supply may drop slightly or the taste of her milk might change (saltier).. Keep a check on this.. Other than this, you can see a pediatrician once, and recommend a formula feed..
Hello momma, Why are you worried about your son breastfeeding? It's absolutely normal. Is he not active enough, not meeting his development milestones, or doesn't eat properly? If he's not showing any such signs you can continue to breastfeed if it doesn't affect your routine. Of course you can try to reduce number of feeds if it's affecting your schedule. You can try restricting to night time or early morning. Breast milk is liquid gold and the longer your son gets it, the better for him health wise in long run.