22 months old baby1 Answers
Hi, beta ko khilane ke liye, baby ko khub khelne dein aur bukh lagnne dein. Bache ko khana tab hi dein jab use khub bukh lage. Iske alaba dudh bhi dein Par 2 cup se jyada na dein. Self feeding matlab apne haatho se khana khane mein encouragement dein. Baby ko family ke sath ek saath khilyae, Isse baby bhi khayega.
Meningococcal is an optional vaccine if your doctor feels it's necessary please do give. It's better to safe the kids in whatever way possible.
it depends on how long the pregnancy continued and what method of abortion was used.It might take a few week for your menstruation to start.Check with your doctor for the reasons of abortion-Treat the issue incase it was infection/undernutrition/habits of smoking etc. Once you ovulate you can start the process. Physical , mental and emotional well being of the mother is very very important
18 months old baby1 Answers
My baby is 2.5 months old and her 2.5 month vaccination is done on Thursday bt after vaccination she has blood clot whr the injection injected... Plz Suggest me what to do for this... Thanks in advance
Hello dear, in a 27day cycle you ovulate on the 13th day of the cycle and your most fertile days sre 12-14th day of your cycle... So having intercourse on these days increases your chances of conceiving... All the best dear..
yes safe for you to eat raw mangoes but don't over eat 1 raw mango is ok for you or even and half . it will provide you relief from the bad taste. I am provide you nutrition also