4 years old baby2 Answers
Hi! As long as ur baby is healthy looking lean is fine and healthy is fine but not chubby and unhealthy, if ur babies are healthy yet lean i wud say pls dont worry u r on a right track but if babies r unhealthy means they fall sick a lot then there is a concern.. I wud suggest u to check ur home page fr a guidance on thd diet becz i think we shud not restrict their diet at 5 yrs becz the growth is rapid and they shud hv everything happily, pls offer whatever food u hv on a daily basis so that babirs r not deprived of anything.. Hope this helps!
Hi! Jahan tak apka baby normal aur balanced food le raha hain chinta ki koi baat nehi kyunki healthy hona important hain mota nehin, aur agar abhi tak baat nehi karta pls speech therapist k paas leke jaiye kyunki 5 saal tak baat na karna normal nehi hain.. Hope this helps!
Dear Vomiting can drain your baby and the best way to regain the lost energy is through a liquid diet. It is advised to refrain from feeding any solid food to your child for at least 12 hours after the bouts of vomiting stop. Let your kid’s digestion process get in place before you start feeding any solid food to your child. Light vegetable soups, clear broths, and ice-creams are some of the things you may feed your child. Here are few remedies that can help cure vomiting; You may take a small piece of ginger and grate it. Squeeze the juice out from the grated ginger and mix few drops of honey to make it palatable.  You may take few fresh mint leaves and extract the juice after grinding it (1 spoon). Add 1 spoon lemon juice to the mint juice. You may add a little honey to this mixture to add taste.  You may take a cup of white rice and boil it in two cups of water. Once the rice is done, strain the excess water or starch and make your kid drink this water to stop the vomiting. You may take equal amounts of onion and ginger juice and mix well. Make your child sip this juice several times a day. Alternatively, you may add organic honey to the onion juice to ease nausea and vomiting.
Hello dear..u put few drops of eucalyptus oil on your pillow this helpf your nose during night so that it doesn't get blocked
Give them lot of fruits... Pediasure.... Chapati... Eggs
Hi dear if your baby is not doing motion on a regular basis then there is some small tube babies diet and daily habits. Firstly give your baby plenty amount of water to keep well hydrated , secondly give diet that are rich in fibre like green vegetables fruits whole grain cereals nuts and finally and most importantly fix a specific time for your babies potty and make sit your baby on potty seat to practice doing motion on a particular time everyday. Initially your baby will not do it spontaneously then gradually it practice. Parenting is not an easy task and you have to do some effort for it. If needed you can consult doctor for the same. Hope it helps.