Hi dear, Pregnancy is a gradual process and needs lot of patience too.you first get your routine tests done .like to conceive your TSH must be below 3.else conception would be difficult.your bp,sugar levels need to be check d too.body weight needs to be determined.and you should have normal body mass index.ovulation dates need to be calculated too.obly during this period you are fertile and releasing one egg ready to get fertilized.so having sex during this stage would increase your conception.it you can't find your ovulation dates then better get ovulation kit.be stress free and have healthy hom cooked meal only.no junk diet till then.take folic acid suppliments regularly.....
Have sex 3 days after your periods. If my answer is stastisfied then please mark as helpful.
Hi, sometimes it is just normal and there is no reasons. It might be just due to some chromosomal defects. However, next time whenever you plan to conceive please consult the doctor to try avoid this situation.
Planning for pregnancy1 Answers
Exercise. Drink water more. Avoid carbohydrates. Eat proteins