Hi dear. don't worry dear even I have this couple can take up to one year to conceive naturally student lose heart as it is quite normal situation . you should understand your most fertile days and try during those days and also eat Folic acid rich diet diet as it is really helpful in conceiving and also give vitamin B12 food to your husband and also give soaked Almonds to your husband as these are really good in boosting male fertility and you and your husband should also let their mind be stress free as stress is a very great factor which suppress the chances of conceiving . so try to stay happy.
Hello.. Dear One week aage ya one week piche ho sakta hai.. Agar aap ko pregnancy ka doubt hai, tho aap ek bar pregnancy test le..
Hi dear All symptoms are of early pregnancy, but pls check your pregnancy in pregnancy home kit which is easily available in chemist store. ALL the best
Hi dear. dear this brown discharge may be the starting of your expected period or it can also indicate that you are pregnant so it can also be implantation bleeding but we can't say anything because you will skip one period
Hi ma..the chances of pregnancy are more during tha fertile period only..after that the chances are to that least and totally null in some women..if u are trying to get pregnant means have intercourse during fertile period in alternative days and check once for ovulatory signs..avoid too spicy foods,pineapple,fully ripened papaya,excess of physical and mental exertions...all the best.