Hi aap uska diet achese rakhiye. Green vegetables beetroot cereals fruits dates milk and milk products you bhi ghar par bana hai sab digeye. Aur junk food processed foods avoid kigeye. Aur ek bar uska hemoglobin bhi check karvayiye. Isse bhi weakness feel hota hai. Take care
Hi.. Dear you need to Stop serving foods that can cause constipation (potatoes, cheese, bananas, rice cereal, pasta) and start serving purees loaded with fiber. Serve purees with prunes, peaches, pears, peas and plums.. Make sure baby is getting enough water in during the day. Aim for 2-4 ounces in the morning and in the evening. This is addition to the breast milk, formula or milk (for toddlers) you are already giving them.. Give your little one a warm bath to help them relax their digestion organs. Start doing baby tummy exercises to get things moving... If your problem still persists, then see a pediatrician once..
My first son also 4 yrs old now im not worried abt his weight his healthy its more than enough eats ur son weight ask doctor if hes days ur son is perfect no need to worry
Yes you can! It is a versatile ingredient. There are many quick and delicious recipes you can do with oats. Make sure that you don't feed oats too often. It prevents him from eating other nutritious foods
Hi! Here are some tiffin box ideas from sharing with you first is you can make a roti roll , make pancakes and you can prepare the better than the previous night you can also make oats Chilla for dosa you can also make sandwiches with multigrain bread sometimes you can also send some aloo paratha etc. whole wheat pasta is a good option with lots of veggies. Hope u find this helpful!