Hello dear, you can start with sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas, and apple. You can boil and mashthese fruits properly before giving to your baby.Apart from this try to feed different porridgelike Rice, Ragi, Moong or Roasted gram. You can give Khichdi, massed paneer , custard andyogurt. These are healthy and nutritious and help in putting on weight and strengthening thebody from within.
Hi Drink water half an hour before and after every meal. Do 100 300 ab exercises every day after 6 months of delivery. Stop eating 4 5 hours before bedtime. Wear slightly tighter clothes to make yourself aware of your body. Avoid sugars, wheats and whites.  Eat food that's the size of a fist each hour of the day. Try to eat a liquid diet for once in a week.do breStfeed ur baby and take proper sleep . Avoid stress or post delivery depression. 
Hi dear,u can give cerelacs when he is atleast of 6 months .