Hi dear,the symptoms not confirms u if u r pregnant or not...Take a home pregnancy test if u have crossed 12 days from ur LMP already..n then do a Beta hcg test to confirm it...
Hi dear.. because of gas u r feeling heavy stomach.. Drink some jeera water and walk.. avoid spicy, oily and junk foods. Drink more water.. take care
Hi dear. Yes white discharge will happen in pregnancy. But it can also be a sign of periods or ovulation. So only way to confirm is a pregnancy test
So your breasts start feeling tender, I usually sleep on my stomach, but during the 4 th week, I could not bear my breasts touching the bed.. It was painful... In the 5th week.. I kept feeling like I am going to get my periods.. But I never started and then when nausea started hitting me, thats when I got it tested.