13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday USG was done and it says placenta is posterior low lying reaching the os..what does this mean

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Answer: OS is the opening of uterus and your Placenta attached to the back lower wall of uterus. it is very risky position of placenta and you have to take complete bed rest until it moves upward otherwise you can experience pain bleeding and even miscarriage.
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    Omg..thanks dear...will take care

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Question: And also I have low lying placenta Nd is posterior
Answer: posterior low lying placenta is risky position and if you will not take complete rest you can suffer from bleeding paint and even preterm delivery. Take complete rest until Placenta moves upward. Take care.
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Question: What is the meaning of low lying posterior placenta with placental edge 1.5cm above ITS os plz tell me
Answer: ,Aww yes this is low lying placenta complication.. My friend had it and in have seen her only in bed rest..so dnt stress out much. It eventually moves up on its own in coming few weeks..but yes till then need complete rest,no sex and other stress to be taken .you can sit but avoid walking around much as it could trigger bleeding..and un any case you get spotting ,please report to doctor..
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Question: My placenta position is fundal and posterior wall of the uterus extending to lower uterine segment not covering os distance from lower edge of placenta to os is 25mm. Maturity grade 1. What does it mean?
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