29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday took my 5th month scan.Cervix length is 3.2cm.Dr adviced bed rest.Is it required?Is there any chance for complications?

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Answer: hi dear! so yes dear the length is fine dear but the length should not drop down to 2.5 dear so therefore bed rest is suggested also after 2-3 weeks you might have to see for the cervical length again dear. so far there is no complication dear but do a scan again after 2-3 weeks to see the length again. take care.
Answer: My cervix length was 3.1 cm from starting.. And when recently I did interval growth scan it is now increased to 3.7cm and I was not advised any bed rest by my doc anytime and I used to do usual work, cooking everything.. But still again confirm with doc as this is my case..
Answer: I think no complicated. 3.5 is normal. Bt for me also its 2.9 , nothing to worry. Bt take bed rest
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Answer: Hi! High BP lead to many complication pls try to control it and do not think about it all the time.. You need to be stress free. Try meditating. Following what the doc says is important. Reduce salt in food, no junk, no fast food no sweets. Be stress free and completely at peace. Sometimes bp can be Anxiety related. I have had high bp because of being worried whether the baby was ok etc . Go by doc instructions as high bp needs to be controlled. Try walking atleast 20 mins everyday.. Good luck!
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