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Question: Yesterday s my petiod date till now periods did not happen.when i check with pregnancy test kit it shows very faint line.why this happen and each morng i had vomiting tendency etc...??pls explain why these all happenings?

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Answer: Hello! Congratulations you are pregnant. Even if the second line is faint it means that you are pregnant. Take the test once again 5 days after missing the periods. This will give give a better results. Also make sure that u consult a good doctor and follow it's advice. Take care
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Question: My pregnancy symptoms like pelvic cramping and gas are suddlenly missing.and i check pregnancy test kit in the early morning and its shows a faint line and i try one more time after 1 hour, its shows a very dark line.why these happens
Answer: Hi, these are the pregnancy symptoms there's nothing to get worried about due to uterus expansion you will have bloating gas etc you can meet your gynaecologist and she will give you further medication like vitamins and Folic acid.
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Question: Yesterday is my duedate when i check pregnancy test very faint lines.and i had vomiting n headache yesterday am i pregnant ?
Answer: Hi dear, In pregnancy kit strip,one line Wil always be dark called reference line.the other line confirms your pregnancy. No matter how faint the line is ,you are pregnant the very appearance of the line . If you test early then the levels of pregnancy hormones are not raised much to give dark line .
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Question: My periods are irregular..but now my last date is 2nov.but no periods yet..n i m check with test kit one line is very faint n visible in after few hours why
Answer: After 5-6 day u will repeat your test early morning so that you will take a clear result.... All the best 😊
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