6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday my daughter hit my tummy. I feel pain for half an hour. Now no pain. Is there any problem.

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Answer: hi all if there is no bleeding then there is nothing to worry but you should be very careful for this next time the strong wall of uterus and their mating fluid will protect your baby but still to be on the safer side
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    Ravs Thnl801 days ago

    Thank you...

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Question: I have pain in back from yesterday till night pain feel after an half hour. Is it Labour pain??
Answer: It could be. In the first stage of labour, your contractionsgradually open your cervix. Early contractions may feel like period pain. You may have cramps or backache, or both. Or you may just have aching or heaviness in the lower part of your tummy. Six common signs to look for when the baby might be on its way. 1.) The baby drops 2.) Strong and regular contractions 3.) Her water breaks 4.) Lower back pain and cramping 5.) Bloody vaginal discharge 6.) Diarrhea or nausea. Other signs of preterm labor include vaginal bleeding or spotting, unusual vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, pressure in your pelvic area, or low back pain. Your waterbreaks or you suspect that you're leaking amniotic fluid. Early labor will last approximately 8-12 hours. Your cervix will efface and dilate to 3 cm. Contractions will last about 30-45 seconds, giving you 5-30 minutes of rest between contractions. Contractions are typically mild and somewhat irregular but become progressively stronger and more frequent. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi, Can the pregnant mother can sleep straight for half an hour? Is there any problem for half an hour?
Answer: Hi. when you sleep straight your baby gets least space to move which is not good, also baby doest get sufficient blood suppy . And baby weight is also on your spine which can be harm full. So its better to sleep in your sides, it may be left or right any. If you sleep in your left its the best position to sleep as your baby gets max oxygen, blood and nutrinal supplies. You can sleep in your right also its also considered good. But never on your tummy.
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Question: After half an hour pain is there. What I do.
Answer: Dear which pain you are talking about, please mention it clearly as not able to understand.
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