30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday I went for check up she told me tht baby head head is up.wht to do baby head to come down.

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Answer: Hi, since you are in 30th week, you still have time. The head comes down by 32 weeks and then the position gets fixed. But if it does not come down then there is no way to bring it down. That is why it is said that through out the pregnancy one should be active and fit, go for brisk walk and all. These all helps in such problems.
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Question: Today i went to scanning and doctor told that your baby head is up only. What can do for baby head to come down. Plz tell me
Answer: Hello, normally doctors and midwives change the baby position from outside using their hands to head down position. Sometimes , baby position will change at 37 weeks or during labour also baby's position will change. So don't worry and be happy
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Question: When baby head ll come down ?? Yesterday went for check up and dr said still baby head is not engaged n its bit large ..now what to expect and what not ..and she told to induce labor around 27 march??
Answer: Hello! If the head is bit larger then you can ask the doctor that. If it is difficult for the head to fix then it is better to go for a C-section or else wait for the labor to happen. Take care
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Question: Hi.... At 35 weeks doctor told baby is in cephalic presentation and yesterday I went to check up she told baby should turn head down for delivery... Is cephalic doesn't mean the baby is in head down position... I'm confused??
Answer: Hi dear cephalic means that the head is facing down but when the body is preparing for delivery the head goes more deeper into the pelvis that is what is meant by moving down or engaged.
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