38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii...yesterday I was done my last ultrasound which shows i have fundo.posterior placenta with grade 3..is everything ok with this report or anything to be tensed.

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Answer: There is nothing to be worried. Everything is normal.
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    Saloni Raghav445 days ago


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Question: In my ultrasound report placenta was of maturity grade 3.anything to worry ?
Answer: no dear! it's perfectly fine! normally during 36 weeks placenta is at grade 3 only.
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Question: Placenta is posterior towards right with grade 2 maturity.. what is it mean?? It shows in my ultrasound report
Answer: Hi dear, Posterior placenta is when the placenta is positioned at the behind wall of uterus.This is considered the best location for the baby to be in as it allows the baby to move into the anterior position just before it is born.as it doesn't block the birth canal and also it doesn't provide extra cushion to baby so you could feel the baby movements.Placental maturity is graded under 0-3.usually grade 3 maturity is reached final weeks of pregnancy.once the maturity or calcification has reached 3 level, nutrition and oxygen hardly circulates to baby.if the maturity reaches early then there is risk for baby getting less oxygen and nutrients due to excess calcification on placental walls.talk to your doctor about your level of risk.if the risk is more,pre term delivery is recommended.in your case it is ok,not to worry.
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Question: Hii doctor..My Nt scan was done last week . doctor told placenta enterior grade 0..where is this position
Answer: Placenta is attached to the uterus and uterus has two walls the anterior wall that is front wall in the posterior wall that is back wall In your case the placenta is attached to the front wall of the uterus which is considered normal. grading indicates maturity of placenta grade 0 at this week is absolutely normal.
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Question: I have done my ultrasound today its showing placenta maturity grade 2 is this normal??
Answer: Yes its normal my was also same.
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