11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday I have traveled for 8 hrs by car, how should I confirm now everything is fine without doctor consut? Am in 10th week of pregnancy

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Question: Is it safe to travel in 34 week of pregnancy by car journey of 9 hrs
Answer: Hello dear Yes, it is safe to travel in pregnancy as long as u are having no medical complications. If u are enjoying healthy pregnancy then travelling is safe. But u have to take proper precautions such as: 1. While traveling wear loose clothes 2. Take something to eat for urself 3. Sleep in between to get some restto ur body 4. Take a break in between and stretch ur legs.
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Question: We have travelled in 4-5 week of pregnancy by car for 5 hrs on bumpy road. How to be sure everything is fine
Answer: Hi! If you have already travelled in 5 hours in a car that to on a bumpy road and if you have had not felt any kind of discomfort or for the matter any fresh bleeding then everything is supposed to be alright but only and ultrasound scan can determine if everything is fine.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i travel by car for 5-6 hrs m in my 26th week of pregnancy
Answer: Hi! Travelling in pregnancy completely depends on you as to how confident and comfortable you are while travelling and also it depends if you have a green signal from the Doctor and there is no complication or restriction in your pregnancy. Good luck!
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