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Question: Hellooo...! Yesterday i had white milky discharge..but today i m not experiencing that.... And still i dint got my periods.... I m 3 days late according to calender of 28 days cycle... Am I pregnant????

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Answer: Wait for 3-4 days more. If still you didn't get your periods, take a home pregnancy test.
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    Jyoti Nair953 days ago

    Helloo actually i was about to check 2moro itself.... Won't it give a accurate result??

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Question: Usually i had 28 days is my 30th day...i am having little amount of white discharge..Do I have the chance to get pregnant?
Answer: Let's hope for the best dear..wait for a few more days if you don't have normal cycle then after 2-3weeks you can use a pregnancy test kit to confirm it..
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Question: Today is my period date but I didn't got my periods...but from last 2days I am having milky white discharge...what does that mean .. Plzzz rply
Answer: Hi,it could be the signs is can do your blood beta HCG test or after 8 days of missing your periods you can do hot to configure your pregnancy
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Question: Hello, i have regular cycle 28 days..last month 13 th Jan was my date . And this time i dint get my period yet. Alomst 32 days complete... But yeah i get whilte watery milky discharge and some muddy colour discharge... But still period dint come i pregnant? please advise
Answer: Check in another 3 days... Using pregnancy card.... All d best
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