18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: yesterday I had level ll scan n they said that there is a small cyst in brain... I jst want to know that is it harmful for d baby?

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Answer: Hello! the cyst which appears in the brain sometimes dissolve on its own and there is nothing to worry about However, it is best to discuss with the doctor,as he/ she can study the report properly and come to a conclusion.
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    Rhythm Chauhan1328 days ago

    thanks Mam for the suggestions

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Question: I had my level 2 ultrasound and doctor said there is cyst in my baby's brain which can or can not be dissolve.. is it problematic for baby?
Answer: Hello! In most of the Case, the cyst dissolves by the third trimester. If it doesnt also dissolves, then also it is not a major problem. The doctor might ask you to get the quadruple test done also to be on the safe side. Take care
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Question: Hello,i want to ask that in my advance first trimester screening there is mention that left ovarian cyst (8.2×4.9cm).but in level ll foetal morphology scan there is mention that left ovarian cyst(8.2×4.9) and in level ll foetal morphology scan left overian cyst 8.2×6.2..i want to ask that is it harmful for me if yes then what is solution..i am very much worried about this..kindly reply as soon as possible...
Answer: These cysts are commonly of two types follicular and leutal which can grow upto 6 cm are not harmful for mother and baby .. But ur cysts are growing .. U shd once consult ur gyno ..
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Question: Yesterday i went for my 2nd scan n my sonologist said that my baby's heartbeat is jst 30bpm n i m 6 weeks pregnent what should i do
Answer: Hello, A normal heartbeat at 6-7 weeks would be 90-110 beats per minute. The presence of an embryonic heartbeat is an assuring sign of the health of the pregnancy.
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