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Question: Yesterday i got my first dating ultrasound. As per the LMP, I m 9 weeks 5 days pregnant but the ultrasound showed the gestational age as 5 weeks 1 day with no heartbeat. The choriodecidual reaction was moderate. Doctor said if u want to continue theb wait for min 10 days n continue with folic acid tablets n progesterone one. But if we want to abort then it can happen via medicines now but later DnC will be required.. I m totally confused. This is my second pregnancy and my first pregnancy was so smooth that i faced not a single issue. Pls guide :(

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Answer: I think heartbeat comes around 8 weeks of gestational age.... U may wait and continue with the medication.. Mostlikely if there is no heart beat even after that ur body will also try to clear it out.
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Question: My last lmp was 16 dec 2018 accordinf to which i m 10 weeks pregnant but yesterday had the ultrasound which showed the fetus is only of 5 weeks 1 day with no heartbeat and the choriodecidual reaction is moderate.. Doctor said to wait for 10 days to know. about the more clear progress. What to do i m very tensed...
Answer: hi dear! so since the your lmp is 16th dec there can be a possibility that you might have ovulated a little late which is normal and occurs in most of the pregnancy dear. so since your fetus is just 5 weeks we should wait for 1 more week and see what happens in the scan dear. some people get the heartbeat by 5 th week and some do not get it by 7th weeks too. so dont worry and we should wait for a week to see what is happening inside dear. take care dear.
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Question: My baby is 1.5 years old n I m third time pregnant but I don't want to continue now also as before 3 months I have aborted my second pregnancy . Is it possible to abort once againb
Answer: hi dear! you will have to abort it dear. you will have to consult with the doctor dear and yes you can . also if you are not planning for a baby soon then you will have to consider using any form of contraception dear as taking hormonal tablets for abortion everytime is also not good for the lady dear. also you can consider of putting a copper t or mirena dear . consult with your doctor regarding this. and you should use contraception . you can use condoms as well. as in very less period of time you have got yourself aborted 3 times . take care dear.
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Question: Actually i m 7 weeks pregnant right now but in the scanning the baby was looking like as if i was 5 weeks pregnant
Answer: Probably you might have calculated from LMP which have shown you 7 weeks. But the scanning will give you accurate weeks. Consider the scan dates
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