38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday I felt very heavy on my lower abdomen I couldn't walk also for sometime.. Is this normal or symptoms of labour plz advice

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Answer: It's bcoz of baby position. Sometime baby stuck and cause pressure but as soon as baby will change position u will feel relax.
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Question: Yesterday i felt very pain in my lower abdomen.i felt presure on my pelvis.bt 1 hour everything was ok.is this labour pain
Answer: Hi, Sharp pains in the lower pelvis/vaginal area and pressure down low are signs of the baby dropping, Which means the baby is lowering the head into the pelvis, preparing for birth.  Baby is gearing up to make his/her big debut. You can feel early labor pains as early as 34 weeks, even though it will be another 4-6 weeks!  good luck! 
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Question: I am feeling like my lower abdomen has become very heavy........and facing frequent urination.......and also very difficult to walk .....y it is soo....
Answer: Very much normal...The size of the baby is increasing and putting weight on the uterus which results into frequent urination alongwith feeling of heavy abdomen ..There might be abdominal.tightening also ...But always ..Highlight any discomfort to the doctor..Because...Doctors sometimes advise medicines to stop pre term.birth if the pressure is too.much however if you have already crossed 36 weeks then pre term.delivery is not happening.to you
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Question: sometimes i feel heavy on lower abdomen. is it normal??
Answer: Yes. As you come closer to your due date.it starts increasing .
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