7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday I ate icecream and today I am having cough and weakness and fever 100C.please tell me what should I do?😑

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Answer: 1 take two or three Tulsi leaves and beat it add few drops of water and give her tablespoon. 2 spoon of grated ginger juice, pepper, and honey will help her clear chest.
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Question: My baby got cold,cough and fever frm yesterday .what should I do to cure it?
Answer: Hi dear, cold can be tough on baby, as they get dull and obviously we being mother gets very concerned. change of climate can be a reason of having cold. Here are few tried tips hope this will help.Heat mustard oil with garlic cloves and ajwain, heat till fumes cone. Apply on the chest and palm and feet of the baby. Give ajwain potli, heat ajwain ii n a tave till it tunrs black..tie it in muslin cloth and keep it near yr baby.Dip cotton balls in Nilgiri oil and put it in the four corners of the room.You can also add few drops of Nilgiri oil give the baby steam in a closed room.
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Question: Hi i am 10 week pregnant,,today i am having fever, cough & headache .....what should i do???what food should i intake ...
Answer: Hllo dear u r pregnant wit 10 weeks cold cough s common in this season due to whether change nothing 2 worry abht .its common .avoid medicine nd try these remedies ..1 Take adrak tulsi peeper kara twice a day... 2..Take Ginger tea 3 Take Green tea.. 4 Take warm milk wit turmeric before bed time..as turmeric s antibotic . 5 Take Ginger juice wit honey.. 6 Take Vit C it helps in cold nd cough. 7 Avoid cold things such as ice. cream cold drink. 8 if ur nose s block then take steam add ajwain also..
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Question: I am having cough and fever. what should i do.
Answer: It is very common in pregnancy to get cough and cold and that can get aggravated and severe because of already low immunity. and a lot of bodily changes that happen when pregnant ladies and children are very prone to cough because they are immunity compromised. for cough and cold with fever and seeing a phlegm. also I will advise you to see your gynecologist once because you will be needing acetaminophen or Paracetamol to relieve body ache and pain as well as fever and you will be needing a good cough syrup containing dextromethorphan are also known as protussa. these are mild cough syrup for dry cough this will help to relieve the symptoms. Stuffy nose can be relived by putting 2 drops of nasoclear saline solution 5-6 times a day. You can skso put karvol plus tablets in a steamer or humidifier by gently squeezing out the liquid. And inhale the good eucalyptus and nilgiti aroma oil. but for phelgume if it is more and also if your gynaecologist can listen a wheezing sound in your chest she will prescribe you antibiotics to subside the infection because you need to be healthy and absolutely free of disease while delivering so that you do not transmit the infection to baby please see your gynaecologist tomorrow. take care
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