10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday had pinkish color discharge little only I found with tissue today it was white should I need to be worry

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Answer: Please don't worry, little bit of discharge can be due to the cervical irritation and hormonal changes or it can also be the implantation bleeding But any bleeding during pregnancy should be evaluated so please consult your doctor and get the scan done
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Question: Today I have found some white discharge.. I was little worried about it.. Suggestions please
Answer: White discharge is absolutely common during pregnancy and there's no need to be worried...it is caused by the increased blood circulation in the cervical region...and it tends to increase in the last trimester of pregnancy...so don't worry dear.. everything is fine..
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Question: 7weeks pregnant... yesterday had very little pinkish discharge.. is it to worry about??
Answer: I've had a pink/little bit brown discharge off and on since my sixth week. I'm thirteen weeks now and everything has been fine so far. I had two ultrasounds after I noticed it and one time they had me come in to check the heartbeat. Everytime things were good. 
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Question: Yesterday I had brown discharge but today I had discharge with blood clot.. Is it something to worry
Answer: It is normal to have vaginal discharge towards the end of pregnancy and there is no need to worry. If the discharge is pink or red or even brown and jelly like, it may be your mucus plug coming off. In that case, u should consult ur doctor
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