14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday evening I saw a red spot and after that there was white discharge but there was no bleeding or spot. Is it very serious?I have not seen any red spot after that..

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Answer: Have a word with your doctor and get a check up done. Doc suggests to report every bleeding and spotting during pregnancy, so that proper medication (if required) can be given at right time.
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Question: Hi doc, I am 18 weeks pregnant and today there was a red spot along with white discharge. Is it a cause to worry or is this normal. There is no pain just a little red spot. Pls reply
Answer: hi dear! there should be no spotting or bleeding in pregnancy . when your progesterone levels falls that is when you experience bleeding or spotting. so you will need progesterone tablets dear to maintain the levels like tablet duphaston. so do visit your doctor for this dear. take care dear.
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Question: i am in 1 st mnth of pregnancy... yesterday there was a little spot but aftr that there is no spot or bleeding is everything normal
Answer: Hello dear many pregnant women will have spotting or light bleeding in their early pregnancy.. This is normal don't worry... But I suggest you to inform this to your doctor.. He might suggest you the best medications for that
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Question: Im 7week pregnant i have seen little red spot with daily Normal white discharge is that normal or serious..pls answer me im very tensed
Answer: Hi.. don't worry.. heavy bleeding with severe pain is sign of problem.. spotting can occur.. brownish discharge is not a problem. But if bright red blood is seen.. u should meet doctor just to confirm if every thing is ok..
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