Few days old baby

Yellowish eyes to my 4 days old baby

Hi dear congrats. Yellowish is common in newborn babies. It's jaundice, keep your baby in first sunlight daily morning for 10-15 days. Don't keep under direct sunlight, rays should fall through glass over whole body of baby. Consult doctor if it's more, they may keep under light. Hope this will help. Take care
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Question: My baby 8 days old avanoda eyes yellowish ah eruku ithula Nrml ah??
Answer: Yes its normal. Show in sunlight.my baby too had that
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Question: My baby 7days old her eyes are looking yellowish what to do
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. It may be jaundice.In jaundice skin, eyes and urine become yellow. Since baby is days baby, birth time jaundice is very common. If jaundice gets confirmed baby needs phototherapy.Nithing to worry about it.Please contact doctor soon. Take care
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Question: Yellowish thing from baby eyes
Answer: Hi dear ,if the water is white you can leave.. it if it is yellowish you have to consult a doctor immediately...
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