5 months old baby

Question: Yellow vomiting 5 months baby

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Answer: Hi,could be infection.tou should.cinsult tour Dr till than give BM.feed and you should in tour diet aboud oily fried food and have bland Dal khichadi ,have adequate water because the baby needs water.
Answer: Plzz consult doctor
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Question: Yellow vomiting of a two month baby
Answer: Hi vomiting is very normal in 2 or two and half months or 3 months old baby and the vomiting usually happens due to Reflux issue because your babies are the digestive system and the food pipe is not measured enough don't worry it will be fine with time but if you are experiencing yellow vomiting for the baby then it would be better to talk to your pediatrician and if your baby is breastfed please try to avoid the junk food oily food from your diet and have loads of water . Hope this helps!
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Question: Baby vomiting little bit yellow milk
Answer: Sometimes if. baby won't able to digest food and due to bile babies vomits yellowish milk. But if the baby vomits for few hours and start with diarrhea and also associated with fever then it is a sign of infection and need to take medicine
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Question: My baby vomited 5 times from morning vomiting is yellow colour what should I do
Answer: Darolac aqua drops for good bacteria.n give him namkin khichri Dalia palak soup make in cooker.n melt in banana shaker.gap in every meal 3hours.start patanjali powervita with milk half spoon daily.
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