13 months old baby

Question: 1 year baby boy ko cough vali khasi aa rhi h kya kru hme bhi h same kya cerelac dena thik h

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Answer: Use abhi night me kya home remedy du
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    anuj gupta829 days ago

    Are malish kare

Answer: Malish 4 bar seene ki kre
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Question: Cerelac baby ko dena thik hai kya
Answer: Hello... You can give in semi solid consitency not so much thick because ,it will be difficult to swallow,can use home made cerelac,it is very nutritious than commercial one available in market Home made cerelac powder is very nutrious, it is very helpful for babies to gain weight,it is loaded with lot of minerals,vitamins and antioxidants.. This powder can also give to pregnant and breastfeeding mom's, so that they told good health and strength.. Home made cerelac recipe Ingredients Green gram 1 cup Ragi 1 cup Bajra 1 cup Channa dal 1 cup Roasted dal 1 cup Groundnut 1 cup Cashew 1/2 cup Groundnut 1/2 cup Almonds 1/2 cup Pistachio 50 gm Dry ginger 25 gm Ajwan seeds 10 gm Elaichi 5 to 10 pods Method of preparation Dry roast all the powder separately, until it's nice aroma smell Sun dry after roasting for one or two days Put in a mixer , grind coarsely and make powder Preparation of porridge For porridge mix 2 tablespoon of this powder with water or milk,stir them continuously ,boil them for five minutes,stir them continuously without any lumps , you can add palm sugar,and make it to porridge consistency and serve
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Question: mera baby ko khasi aa rhi h me kya karu
Answer: Hie Cough caused by a virus needs to run its course in babies and may take 1-2 weeks as they are low on immunity As you can't give baby strong medicine Go by home remedies that would help fasten the results Massage with warm mustard oil and cover you baby completely Ajwain potli Heat 2 spoon of ajwain on a cotton cloth heat it on a tava Check for temperature on the inner side of the wrist dab on warm potli in babys chest area For 3-5 min Cover baby and hold him upright and gently Pat on his back for 2 -3 min Offer extra breast feeds as your milk carries antibiotics to help fight the illness and he will need plenty of liquid to fight off the infection as well Breathing in steam May be use a facial steamer easily available in medical stores cover yourself with your baby under a thin blanket and on the steamer The steam might help loosen the mucus and thus relieve cough
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Question: Baby ko cerelac dena thik hai?
Answer: Yeah... I think its good.. but best is if u make it at home from daal.and chawal.. its the best.. use dhokr sek lo.. then jst grind it in mixer to make it powder... and then boil 2-3 spoons daily wid milk or water and feed it to bany
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