13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: ye intercourse kya hota....

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Answer: It means making love (sex)
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Question: Mujhe kbhi kbhi white discharge hota hai intercourse ke time...cervical mucus mein kami kya ye PCos ke kaarn hai
Answer: Aisa bilkul bhi Nahi hai.pcos Ka cervical fluid se koi Lena dena Nahi hai.white diacharges koi mandatory cheez Nahi hai.yes Aapke hormonal changes ke Karan hi hotey hai.agar aapko koi hormonal issue hai you for Uske liye medicine bhi denge.stress na le.
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Question: Hello mam intercourse krne time pain hota hai kya kru ?
Answer: Dear I can understand your situation, did you consulted any doctor if no then you should. Taking some Medication can help. Also you can use sperm friendly lubricant to avoid pain while Intercourse. Hope it helps.
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Question: Amniocentesis process kase hota ? Ye painful hota hai kya?
Answer: No not painful at all.. and also it depends on the doctor's experience in doing without pain.. it is maximum like taking an injection.
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Question: Mai jab intercourse k tym mere vagina se clotted white discharge Horaha hi kyu hota hi aisa Kya ye normal hi
Answer: Hi dear. don't worry dear isme Koi tension ki baat nahi hai ya vaginal and cervical discharge ka mixture hai aap isko tension mat le yaar Hamara sota hai and intercourse came and apni life ko elevated position Mein Rakhe ta k sperm aapke body ke andar enter Kar jaye
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