20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Ratalu khaana chaiye ya nahi pregnancy me

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Answer: If you are fond of eating yam, there is no reason you for you to stop now. Here are some of the major benefits you can derive from yam: 1. Cures Morning Sickness: Morning sickness is one of the most common symptoms women experience during pregnancy. Adequate amount of vitamin B6 can provide relief from the nausea and vomiting . Yam contains a good amount of vitamin B6 and can help treat morning sickness. 2. Prevents Low Birth Weight: Yam contains vitamin B6, which prevents low birth weight in babies  3. Regulates Blood Pressure (BP): Yam is a storehouse of potassium. You need this mineral to keep your blood pressure levels under control . High BP during pregnancy can cause serious complications. 4. Rich In Antioxidants: Yam contains antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C. They help you fight common illness, prevent oxidative stress and protect you from cancer . 5. Aids Digestion: Raging hormones, growing uterus, etc. can all take a toll on your digestive system. Yam contains healthy starches, which are easy to digest . Yam also contains dietary fiber, which treats constipation. 6. Prevents Anemia: Anemia is a common problem during pregnancy. Yam contains minerals like zinc, copper, and iron, all of which play an important role in preventing and treating anemia. 7. Storehouse Of Folate: It is common knowledge that you need folate or folic acid during pregnancy. But why do you need it? Folic acid can protect your baby from neural tube defect .Yam contains a large amount of folate and is a must have during pregnancy. 8. Good Source Of Vitamin A: Yam provides around 166IU of vitamin A per cup of serving. You need this vitamin to ensure that your baby’s immune system stays healthy and strong . So, just include yam in your diet and ensure your baby’s good health. 9. Prevents Premature Birth: Iron deficiency is a leading cause of premature birth. Adding iron-rich yam to your diet can help prevent premature birth, as well as low birth weight of your baby . 10. Keeps Bones Strong: You need to have strong bones especially during pregnancy. Your growing baby too needs calcium to build her bones . For that, you need a healthy dose of calcium. So, it makes sense to add yam to your diet as it contains 19mg of calcium, per serving.
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Question: mai khaana nahi kha pa rahi hoo
Answer: eat food in small servings, atleast 5-6 times in small amount, otherwise body will get weak and baby needs nutrition to grow
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Answer: Hi,aap laga saktey hain but behtar Hain ki aap pehle Rhode SE part par try kijiye agar both suit ho Raha Hain than aap age try Kar saktey Hain
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Question: 8th week pregnancy me sex karna chaiye ya nhi??
Answer: Hello! sex is safe throughout pregnancy and will not hurt your baby if there are no problems. This includes the early weeks after you get pregnant. The developing amniotic fluid and sac and the muscle layers of your uterus cushion and protect your embryo from trauma as your pregnancy progresses. As long as you are comfortable, in the mood, and have an uncomplicated pregnancy, go ahead and enjoy your normal sexual activities.
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Question: Pregnancy me warm water pina chaiye ya nhi?
Answer: Hello dear, In pregnancy u should drink lots and lots of water. It is more good to drink warn water. Hope the answer gets helpful to you. Have a happy pregnancy 😊
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