30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Y stomach is so heavy , feel like stone downwards, its my 30 th weak????

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Answer: Hi dear, Heavyness could be due to increased body fluids and baby weight.the downwards pull is mainly due to gravity.the heavier you re the more the pull you feel.it is mostly not a matter of concern.also during this stage some ladies also feel baby dropping to lower pelvis.so you could check with your doctor ,if the pressure is too much.
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    Tasya Rakshita PT934 days ago

    Thank you but is it complessry to lye down every time in this stageas i don't like rest????

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Answer: Yes lucky you👍..it is absolutely normal dear..I had nausea from 8 th week.so keep your fingers crossed 😊..my cousin sister had no nausea at all.and it was all normal too..so dnt take tension..as long as your scan report is fine....
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Question: I feel like my baby goes up in my stomach.... Is any problem to my baby
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