19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Y my baby nt kickng yet

2 Answers
Answer: I think it is too early..now you would be getting mild baby movements not kicks..and it can start anywhere between 18-24 weeks..so please wait till then..my first mov m bra were felt by 20 weeks..
Answer: U ll feel at the end of 21st week..don't worry
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Question: I m very tensed... my baby is not kickng from a week, though he is rotatng but not kickng....Why????
Answer: It is very important to feel at least 8 to 10 times baby's movement of the day but feeling only kick is not mandatory during pregnancy because baby frequently changes its position and may not fevourable to feel kick. Don't worry.
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Question: Hai my baby is nt yet started to crawling he is nt yet stand
Answer: Average baby starts to crawl from eighth month of age so don't worry, my baby started to crawl when she was 11 months old but I started to walk when she was 13 months old so it depends on your baby.
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Question: Hi... M nt producing colostrum yet ... Y ??
Answer: Dnt worry it's quite common specially if you're not first time mother.u will definitely be able to feed once it little one is in your arms dear
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