3 months old baby

Question: Y my baby girl is making sound while breathing?

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Answer: That is wheezing. If your baby has been troubled more than a week by cold and cough then he has developed wheezing as well as he is crying because of the breathing problem I will advise you to see your pediatrician today as this will put baby in distress continuous crying coughing and wheezing is not a good sign Just listen to your baby's breathing sometimes by keeping your ears lovingly on his chest. If you listen any "grrr'' sound or wheezing sound that makes you feel that something is moving inside his throat Then you should visit your paediatrician. Else it's very normal. Babies have a small stature and a heartbeat more than 100bpm and their lungs are developing. Cold causes congestion in lungs sometimes and treating it early is important. If baby has extreme cold as well as coughing your baby coughs all night or your baby sneezes all day long then you will need to give him medications ask your doctor about maxtra or coriminic drops as well as cough drops you can diffuse 1 complete capsule of karvol Plus this will help your baby to breathe better but make sure you just drop one or two drops only on your baby's clothing make sure medicine should not come in contact with your baby's skin as it will cause itching it should be diffused in a humidifier or you can just put 2-3 drops on pillow or bed sheet. For blocked nose give 3-4 drops if nasickear solution in the nose. Can be given 4-5 times a day no problem. Take care.
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Question: Baby makes sound while breathing.... Y is it
Answer: It is normal . If it is like weezing or whistling sound then it is a sign of congestion.
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Question: My baby is making sound while breathing. is it normal?
Answer: Yes it is totally normal. Your baby's sleep can be active and noisy all in one night. He may even make little jerking movements. This is known as the startle reflex (moro reflex) and it usually settles down at around two months to three months. Make sure you swaddle your baby for sound sleep.
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Question: My baby making breathing sound while feeding.is she uncomfortable?
Answer: Hi, yes all babies do so because they are trying to adjust with the breathing patterns. Also remember when you are feeding your baby try to keep your baby slightly elevated. This will give comfort to the baby while breathing. Take care.
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