39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: y is this non stress test done does it decide normal or c section

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Answer: hello.. dear The Fetal Non-Stress test is a simple, non-invasive test performed in pregnancies over 28 weeks gestation. The test is named “non-stress” because no stress is placed on the fetus during the test.The primary goal of the test is to measure the heart rate of the fetus in response to its own movements. Healthy babies will respond with an increased heart rate during times of movement, and the heart rate will decrease at rest. The concept behind a non-stress test is that adequate oxygen is required for fetal activity and heart rate to be within normal ranges.When oxygen levels are low, the fetus may not respond normally. Low oxygen levels can often be caused by problems with the placenta or umbilical cord.
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Question: Hello...is it necessary to undergo internal examination if v decide for a c section delivery?
Answer: Hello! No, if you are decided that you will go for csection, then internal examination is not required. Internal examination is done to check the opening of the cervix which is important for normal delivery, but for csection it does not have any relevance.
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Question: is non stress test necessary in 9th month...???
Answer: Hello! It depends on the pregnancy. Everyone doesn't go through the test. It depends on the situation and also the pregnancy as per which the doctor takes a call. Nothing to be worried, it should be done since your doctor has advised so. Take care
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Question: If first delivery is c section does this means second delivery can be normal delivery or c section?
Answer: hi dear if the first delivery is C section then the second one is also likely to be a C section only in rare cases it will be a normal delivery depending upon the baby's position and other pregnancy related factors.
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