15 months old baby

Question: Y do my one year two month baby always grind his teeth

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Question: My toddler is 1 year old he has developed only two teeth when will his other teeth will develope
Answer: Hie Don't worry the other teeth's will come with time You have nothing to worry about All of his teeth would be visible by 2-3 years of age
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Question: My baby one year old. No teeth
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Teething is also a milestone stone like other mile stones .Different babies take different times to get their teeth. Most of the babies first teeth is shown when they complete nine months and before they finish ten months. Some tend to develop still later. If your baby does not show any teeth after twelve months consult a pediatric dentist.Take care
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Question: My baby is one year two months old. Now teeth is comming.is it normal?
Answer: Hi.. Teething refers to the process of new teeth rising or erupting through the gums. It can begin in infants as young as two months of age, even though the first tooth usually do not appear until about 6 months of age. Therefore, do not worry, it is normal.
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