28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Would my baby be hungry if i dont eat for more than 12 hours in night.. I had vomitted dinner and dint eat from then.. Is it ok?

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. I can understand your anxiety. Baby will get nutrients from you for it's growth. Baby will not hungry. But please try to eat something. 12 hours gap is huge. You can go to home page of app and see different kinds of recipes,tips etc. Take care
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Question: I want to stop breast feeding for my baby and milk still more . if i dont feed more then 3 to 4 hours breast will be very hard and painfull pls help
Answer: Never stop breastfeeding without trying to do it slowly. I recommend starting very slowly. A good trick I learned was to cut back by one feeding for 2 – 3 days and then continue the cycle. So following the criteria above, I would recommend: • 3 expressions per day for 3 days • 2 expressions per day for 3 days • 1 expression per day for 3 days You’ll find that the average time is 7 – 10 days for the milk to dry completely, and this is rather standard. There’s little you can do to stop breast milk production tomorrow. But you can follow the guidelines above to slowly get your body to stop producing milk. You can stop pumping & touching…the more you feed the more milk is produced Natural pain relievers that are proven to work well when trying to stop producing breast milk are: • Apply cold Cabbage Leaves • Apply crushed ice packs
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Question: I can't sleep in night more then 4 hours. Is everything ok or not?
Answer: Don't worry. But I would suggest you to do some household work which will make you feel tired at night and easier to fall asleep. Sometimes we also don't fall asleep due to excessive use of mobile phones at sleeping hours. Keep your phone away when you are at bed. Turn off your light. Because light too disturbs our sleeping cycle. And don't drink water at least 2hours before going to bed because your sleep would get disturbed if you have to wake up to pee again and again at night. Do regular exercise and listen to your body when you need rest. And taking short naps during day time is also fine if you are unable to sleep at night.
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Question: Is it ok if baby sleeps for 4 hours regularly and dont take feed???
Answer: Hi! Yes its fine dear, you can offer dreamfeed once if baby takes its fine no need to wake the baby up. Good luck!
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