26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Worried about umbilical cord wrapping around neck.. Precautions plz

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Answer: Hi dear, Cord around neck though sounds frightening but it is not that scary. Your doctor would analyse how tight or loose is the cord around the baby. Many women deliver normally with cord around baby.so donot worry it's not that dangerous.
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    Sonashi Sigh910 days ago

    Wat precautions can be taken

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    Sudipa Banerjee910 days ago

    Nothing as such dear,you just need to wait and watch.if the cord is too tight ,then doctor would ask you to bed rest and count baby movements.init is not the cae,rhen pmease donot worry.

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Question: I am really worried about the umbilical cord wrapping around my baby's neck. Are there any signs I need to be aware of or any way I can avoid this? I have been really stressed about this. Weeks Any advice?
Answer: Hey the main problem will be ur stress. Umbilical code round around neck is quite a common phenomena . Even my baby had same issue. Sometime it get reMoved and in some cases it stay like that and it may led to c sec . But u don't have to take stress so early based o. This thought. Plz stay calm. Be happy and eat well. Stay active. All the best.
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Question: Umbilical cord around neck
Answer: Hi Dr congratulations...it's due to the improper sleeping position.... this gathers Dr....can't tell exactly Dr....by d time of ur delivery it can be released r not... normally cord around the neck means doc goes fr c section Dr....don't worry ... Just try to do som simple exercises like butterfly poster....
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Question: Baby with umbilical cord around fetal neck
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry about it. It is faced by most of the women and they have delivered a healthy baby. Just keep a count of the movements. There should be minimum 10 good movements in 24 hrs or else immediately call the doctor.
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