25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: nrmlly womb me feutus 1mnth ya 1week me kitna w8 gain krta ?

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Answer: hello dear normally fetus 20 se 100 gm.weight gain krta h.
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    Varsha jain1063 days ago

    20 to 100g per week or per month??

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Question: normlly 1week me ya 1month me baby kitna w8 gain krta ?
Answer: When babies born the birth weight either remains the same or loose few grams on 15th day of the baby birth. For eg, if baby birth weight is 3200gm so on 15th day either baby is on the same weight 3200gm or loose like 2900gm. After 15th day babies start gaining weight. And if the weight is gaining atleast 20gm per day rate than the growth is normal and the feed too. Count the baby pee in a day and it should be more than 6. Poop can be once in 10 days or 10 in a day both are normal.
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Question: 1week me baby w8 kitna increase hota?
Answer: Hello! there is nothing specific figures where ones can confirm that how much increase is there in weight within one week. Roughly, it is within 100 gms but during the the 7 th month th baby gains weight rapidly.
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Question: Last month baby kitna weight gain krta h
Answer: Averag weight delivery time pe 3 kg hota hai .. par thoda kam zyada bhi ho sakta hai
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