8 months old baby

Question: Without sugar or salt my baby can't eat rice or any other items.what to do.how to make a food for baby

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Answer: Try apple puree, pear puree, vegetable soup.. These all contain natural sugar and salt
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Question: Can i add salt to d food? Without salt my baby cannt eat the food
Answer: Hi! Babies do not understand the taste of salt or sugar unless you introduce, salt or sugar both r not suggested before 1 yr of babys age. Till 1 year salt requirement is fulfilled by breastmilk or formula milk hence extra salt is load on their kidney and mostly sodium is available in all othet food so extra pinch is not required and no sugar is also better for their kidneys,avoids child obesity and also tooth decay or aversion or liking of salt or sweet. and on the plus side it helps one enjoy natural flavours and enjoy real tastes. Hope this helps!
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Question: In ragi porridge ...can v add salt or sweet for flavour...or shud i serve this to my baby without sugar /salt?
Answer: Hi dear U can add jaggery instead salt and sugar. Jaggery is very healthy. Jaggery has high fiber and mineral content.
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Question: My baby refusing to eat food..eats rice dal puree only.. Refuses other food..
Answer: U can try boiled vegetables like aloo,carrot,beetroot,sweet potato and fruit like banana,apple,papaya, u can smash and feed
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