25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Witch food i take for baby skin white during pregnancy

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Answer: Hi dear, There is no food or drink that could give you a fair baby.baby's complexion is decided by genes.these are all heredity characters.some people do say ,taking saffron during pregnancy,makes baby fair etc,but it is a complete myth.your baby skin colour won't change through diet,but it could become healthy and supple by healthy diet.so wish for healthy skin rather fair skin.fair unhealthy skin is not wished by any.
Answer: Hi Dear! Skin complexion is decided at the time of conception so no matter what u do its going to be the same what the child wil inherit thru genes, so technicallg thr is no way to change it.. Hops this helps!
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Answer: There is no such special diet in hypothyroidism.you can continue taking the thyroid medicine and keep monitoring the TSH in every 5-6 weeks.eat normal food ,avoid cauliflower,raddish and cabbage.but in moderation can be consumed though.acoid soya products too.tht interfere in thyroid function.take the medicine in empty stomach in morning for better absorption....
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Question: I'm 6th month pregnant.. What food to eat for my baby skin tone white..?
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