29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Will the position of baby change from breech to head down during the rest of pregnancy??

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Answer: yes dear, this time u cant judge accurate position of yr baby. he/she is moving inside u all the time.... so dont worry, at the time of delivery, baby will change his position, get his head down.for delivery... so dont worry... have chill and enjoy yr pregnany without stress
Answer: Yes baby can change the position any time right now it's too early to predict anything about the baby's position if baby is at breech position during labour then Doctors will ask you for c-section to prevent fetal distress
Answer: Hi dear, There is a possibility of that.infact the final weeks of pregnancy are the most crucial weeks of baby's position.in that case at this stage too,baby can turn from breech to head down in final weeks.
Answer: Yes dear ur baby can change der position any time even same thing happened with me previous my baby in breech position now it's turn to cephalic so don't worry
Answer: Hi dear, Yes its possible for baby to change its position. Dont worry. If my answer was helpful plz hit like.
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Question: Will the position of thr baby change from breech position to head down position during the remaining months of pregnancy??
Answer: Hi Don't worry as you are in your 29 th week chances are your baby would change position Go for walks ,do squats under supervision Ask your gynaecologist for exercise that can help baby change position Sit on birthing ball as often as you can and rotate your hips clockwise and anticlockwise to open up pelvic space Dont stress and work towards it
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Question: Will the position of baby change frok breech to head down at any time during pregnancy ??pls answer
Answer: Yes....mine also change at 34week....breech baby converted into cephalic ..it's happens till delivery .so don't worry if ur baby is breech
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Question: how to change baby position breech to head down position
Answer: Hello dear Usually by 34 weeks Baby fixed the position for Labour but in some cases however not. Babies that are positioned feet or buttocks down in the womb are called “breech babies.” Babies that are lying sideways in the womb are called “transverse-lie” babies. Either way, a vaginal delivery of these babies can be extremely complicated if they do not move into the proper head-down position. There are few exercises that you can do to achieve the desired position ie head down but for safety it's important to perform only after your gynecologist approval. 1. Spinning the breech baby : prop an ironing board at a low angle against a sofa or chair. Make sure the board is sturdy and secure. Ask a family member to help you to lie down on the board with your head down and your feet up on the board. Once you’ve found your balance, massage your stomach in a downward circular motion and visualize the baby turning head-down. Lying on board for 20 minutes at a time, three times daily.
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Question: At wat week or month of pregnancy will the baby change position to head down..
Answer: It will take up to.36 weeks for the baby to be cephalic. Aftwr 36 weeks the position will not change
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