21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: will summer heat affect my unborn baby and how should I protect my baby in 42 degree celsius

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Answer: No it's not effect to your baby....but yes it's effect on you....u may be go on dehydreation .....you should always hydrated your self....drink plenty of water and eat lots of juicy fruits....avoid sun exposure.....tc dear
Answer: U need not to worry about outside weather.. Your body is capable enough to provide favorable temperature to your child. So enjoy
Answer: Ur baby is well protected u get protected drink plenty of water and protect urself from dehydration
Answer: You should drink more water and eat cucumber and curd
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Question: how to protect baby in Summer?☺️
Answer:  Baby adapt more easily in environment. You just need to maintain the room temperature 27-28 degrees and don't over dress or undress the baby.  Just light tees and lower is enough. Make sure you give bath daily. Don't put oil for longer. Feed in every 2 hours interval so that baby maintain water level in body. Keep the baby hydrated and check the pee count daily.  It should be more than 6 in a day. 
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Question: I have fever 102 degree Celsius. Is it affect baby.
Answer: Hi. You can treat your fever by drinking plenty of water and resting. Stay in bed if you feel very unwell, but don't get too hot and sweaty under the duvet. It can be easy to overheat when you're pregnant, but it's not good for you or your baby. It doesn't affect your baby Just take rest and In case it doesn't go you could visit your doc who will give you one paracetamol
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Question: how can I protect my baby to summer infections
Answer: Hi.. Dear change your child clothing thrice in a day, pat dry your child if required.. Use prickly heat baby powders.. Avoid using oil/cream during summers.. If your baby 's skin is dry use a mild baby lotion.. Bathe your child regularly.. If using AC or air coolers, do not over dress your child.. Keep your child covered using a baby top sheet..
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