26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: will my baby will unhealthy if I'm not gaining enough weight. I'm in my 6th month already but my weight is 48

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Answer: Hi dear, average weight gain in total pregnancy is 11-15kg or 1.5-2kg per month.please monitor your weight every week, if it is less than 500grams in 1 week please visit doctor once.but it will not affect your baby.baby weight gain is more important than mother weight.if baby weight and growth is normal, then not to worry.follow regular antenatal checkups.take care and all the best
Answer: Take d helathy diet like fruits, eggs, milk, dryfruits, Vegetables..than u will gain d weight
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Question: My daughter is 8 months 28 days and her weight is 6.3kg. She is eating well enough but her weight is not gaining. What should I do?
Answer: Dear mom! Please let us know what all do you feed your baby? Hope you give her vegetable puree, khichdi, halwa, curd and fruits. Also keep your baby well hydrated. Breastfeed her on demand. Observe the milestones that she's achieving. If she is active and playful then there might not be any problem.
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Question: My weight is not gaining
Answer: Dear whether you gain or weight or not it's important for your baby to gain weight every week.. you should maintain protein rich diet and take small Meals after 2-3 hours. Include milk and other dairy products non veg dry fruits beans lentils in your regular that along with lots of veggies and fruits for healthy growth of your baby.
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Question: Hi. Today my baby is 19 days but still he is not gaining weight.
Answer: Normal dear.. after one month only weight will increase.. don't worry dear
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