8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Will junk food affect my baby..? In what ways?

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Answer: Hi dear junk food never give much of neutrition as ur health food give. And just think the time u take junk food ur baby will not get food and will stay hunger as well u may get some digestion issue which will really difficult to cure during pregnancy. I suffered constipation badly so will.sugegst to avoid at max.
Answer: Hi.. Dear eating junk food while expecting a child, increases the chance that your child is more likely to eat an unhealthy diet, high in sugar and fat, and be at increased risk of obesity. Therefore, it is always adviced not to consume junk, fried and more of outside food..
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Question: I love junk food..so is eating junk food Will harmful for my baby
Answer: Mam. Junk foods are not considered healthy. we don't know how they prepare nd how hygienic it is. It is always best to prefer fresh foods for you and baby. Stay healthy mam. That's very healthy now.
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Question: I ate a few pieces of pineapple yesterday will that affect my pregnancy in any ways???
Answer: Hi. No dear it wont affect baby. Its said that pineapple is not safe but there are not any scientific proof. Also having pineapple in too much quantity may have adverse effects but not in small amount.
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Question: Its been 40 days of my c section ....can i eat junk food....does it affect my breastfeeding
Answer: Hello dear, as you are a lactating mother you should completely avoid junk food, processed food. It could cause gas or stomach upset in your baby. Try to eat home made yummy and delicious food.
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