35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Will eating spicy affect baby in 9th of pregnancy

Answer: U will get hurtburn and acidity
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Question: Hi , I'm 18 weeks pregnant . Will eating spicy food affect my baby ?
Answer: Try to eat healthy food milk veggies fish eggs fruits and lotssss of water..dont eat junk foods and all kind of spicy foods it can harm your baby..
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Question: Eating spicy food in pregnancy results that baby will not get hair is it true
Answer: Hello ma.. You are saying spicy food has the baby not get hair nu .. that's wrong.. suppose over hot water will be affect on your baby's hair.. If you want to drink hot water.. drink for mild hot water.. Suppose you are ate spicy food means.. when you are go to motion .. that place it will on fire.. In pregnant time .. piles problem also will occurred so avoid spicy food ma.. Please drink water.. tale healthy food.. fresh juices Eat egg white yolk..not yellow yolk..ma Take more than fish.. ma I hope if its really helpful.. please click the thumbs up👍 symbol.. Thank you..😍
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Question: Does hot spicy (thikha khana) will affect my pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, Not really.but eat in moderation.as too spicy food could give you acidity now.and in pregnancy the digestion process slows down,Deep fried and spicy food could trigger heart burn and acidity issue.have butter milk post eating such food.
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