36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Will a single loop cord around the neck need c section

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Answer: Hello dear. Ideally normal delivery is possible with a single loop cord around neck if the baby is in heqd down position. Doctor takes care of the loop without you noticing it. Hopw it helps.
Answer: Please answer for this question...i will also in same condition
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Question: Single loop of cord around the baby's neck..Will it be a problem for normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear! Single loop of cord srill hv a chance to slid through and hv normal delivery but in case of two or more loops u need to prepare fr C-Section delivery. Hope this helps!
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Question: Breech position with single loop of cord around the neck??
Answer: Hi dear nothing to worry as baby moves the loop will loosen itself from the bsbys neck. it won't be a problem but if the baby is still in breech position you will have a cesarean. Take care dear
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Question: Single loop of cord around the fetal neck any problem
Answer: Hi.. It is common if ur cord is wrapped around ur baby's neck and it's very unlikely to cause any problems for you or your baby. Most of time, we don't know about it going into labor and the cord is simply unwrapped and the baby is fine. Rarely is that cord is wrapped so tightly that doctor has to go for c section which is completely normal. So, dont worry and have a healthy and safe pregnancy
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Question: As per Sono today there is a single loop of cord around fetal neck. Will delivery be normal or will it have to be a C section.
Answer: hello dear single loop around baby's neck is not a matter of concern because as the baby moves the cord will loosen itself from the baby's neck. only if there are two cords around the baby's neck it is a matter of concern.
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