3 months old baby

Question: Why we should avoid mango after delivery and for how long we should avoid

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Answer: Hello ! Ideally you can have mangoes in moderation . There is no problem in having mangoes ....take care .
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    shubhada patel962 days ago

    Thank you sweety

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Question: After delivery how long should we take iron calcium tablets
Answer: Hi! Its minimum for 3 months but few Dr.s prescribe for more than that if the mother continue to feed the baby to rule out any deficiency in mother.. Hope it helps!
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Question: please tell which food to avoid after normal delivery and why? nd for how long?
Answer: Hello! A lactating mother needs to eat carefully. She cannot eat certain type of foods yet since some foods are difficult to digest and some foods are not good for the baby. Here are some foods that are better avoided Indian diet plan for lactating mothers. Spicy foods – Your child does get a taste of everything you eat so it is better to avoid spicy and strongly flavored foods. If your child drinks spicy milk, he/she might not like to take a feed again. Oily foods – Avoid having too many fried and oily foods. Oily foods are heavy and hard to digest. Ghee and oil should be used in moderation while cooking food for a breastfeeding mother since she doesn’t have much activity and this can lead to weight gain. Cruciferous vegetables – Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and asparagus are cruciferous. Avoid them. These are difficult to digest and can cause infant colic and gas. Legumes like rajma, chana and soya beans should also be avoided for the first 2-3 months after . No aerated drinks – Try not to rely on aerated drinks to quench your thirst as they only contain artificial sugar and calories. Packaged juices are fattening too. Hence it is better to have home made fresh juices instead of buying packaged juices.. Caffeinated drinks – Caffeine is best avoided as it is a diuretic and will only make you rush to the washroom more often. They also cause heartburn and nausea. If you really want to have tea, try herbal tea. Cigarettes – Cigarette smoking can affect the growth of the baby. Hence it should be avoided. Alcohol – Alcohol contains nicotine and toxins which can prove to be harmful for the baby , thus it is better to avoid drinking while you’re breastfeeding. It can pass on from the blood in to your breast milk and thus it can effect the baby adversely.
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Question: How many days we should avoid sex after normal delivery
Answer: 6 weeks inshort until your next post partal doc. Visit usually 45 days then if so problem u can have sex
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