21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why vitamin e capsules prescribed in pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear. It helps in protection against viruses and bacteria by strengthening the immune system. It helps widen your blood vessels preventing clotting of blood inside the vessels. It is really good to have vitamin E oil for stretch marks during pregnancy. Vitamin Eenables your body so that it can make use of Vitamin K. Hope it helps.
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Question: Why vitamin E is given during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear vitamin E is a good for hair and skin development. But it is not necessary to take Vitamin E supplement during pregnancy. but if you doctor prescribed then you can take it. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can vitamin e capsules be consumed during pregnancy?
Answer: Only if your doctor prescribes. Do not take any vitamin without your doctor's prescription. He/she will go through all your reports and then prescribe you the right vitamin.
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Question: Is there any problem in taking vitamin e capsules (evion) during my 1st month of pregnancy
Answer: Vitamin E must not be taken during pregnancy dear...so please stop it as it can be harmful to your the growth and development of your baby...
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