14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why this Proluton depot 250mg injection is suggested and how long it can be taken????

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Answer: hi dear! Just to update you that Proluton, Susten and Duphastone all are progesterone which are given to support pregnancy. In any case of untoward event or crisis these progesterone help in sustaining pregnancy. so this is taken every 7 days for atleast 3-4 weeks then it depends on the doctor dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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    JUHI Sreebharathi965 days ago

    Thank you so much for your kind response

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Question: Hello,is it possible to deliver in 36weeks as I'm taking proluton Depot 250mg injection every week since September and I want to stop the injection,plz suggest
Answer: Dear at 36 week baby is not ready for birth. I know pregnancy is quite a difficult journey and injection are quite painful but dear I swear when u will hold your baby it will be all worth.. so relax take injection as suggested or talk to your doctor once for some substitute... please let baby grow and mature and let delivery happen naturally my dear... stay strong..
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Question:   Why is Proluton Depot injection prescribed during pregnancy ??
Answer: Dear proluton depot injection is kind of hormonal injections and is completely safe during pregnancy because it helps to stimulate more pregnancy hormones in your body and avoid any kind of risk for complication in your pregnancy ..
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Question: Proluton depot injection in pregnancy . Why?
Answer: This is the Pregnancy supporting medicine it is given to sustain the pregnancy and prevent the building
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