Question: why there should be pain at the bottom of belly

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Answer: the pain is due to the growth and development of putting while growth it puts you pressure and the stretching of muscles of uterus will grow nad cuase pain. also for woen there is no fat around the belly are athats why feel pain.
Answer: No its not required to have lower abdominal pain. However it's very common in first trimester but generally settles in second trimester. Check with your gynae she will look after n give you necessary medication.
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Question: Am 6weeks pregnant am getting pain at the bottom why
Answer: Hllo dear u r 6 weeks pregnant dear there r so many physical nd hormonal changes comes in body tgats why mild pain at bottom s normal .if u have unbearable pain consult to be gyno .take medicine which ur gyno suggest u .avoid sex ,don't take stress. Try it
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Question: Im suffering from severe stomach pain in the bottom of the right side of the belly
Answer: If it is severe plz visit To your doctor right side pain is not k if it is severe
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Question: After peeing i feel a cramp at the bottom of the stomach..why this there any problem
Answer: Hi yes. You should consult your doc immediately as it could be urinary tract infection Make sure you go and get some medicines right away Take care
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Question: I am 8 th month pregnancy little pain at the belly bottom is it normal
Answer: It is absolutely normal. I too suffered the same problem. My doctor told me not to worry. It's absolutely ok.
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