2 months old baby

Question: Why there is water coming from one eye of my two mnth bby?

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Answer: May be something has gone in the baby eyes.. Whatever is there that will come out by massage near the eyes on upper part of nose.. Do it surely baby will get relief
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Question: Tear coming from baby's one eye.. Her eye seems to full of water.. Is there any problem.. Pls help
Answer: It could be a clogged up tear duct Try massaging the inside corner of your childs eye near the nose. Cleaning your baby’s eyes with cotton and filtered water to prevent accumulation of any discharge which could lead to infections. If a virus causes watery eyes, you might have to wait for around a week to see if it goes away. If it does not, please consult your child’s 
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Question: my baby is of 3months nd 26 days..n there is water coming out of his one eye although there is no redness in the eye but the water is coming continuously..what could be the reason ??
Answer: Hello dear Your baby's tear duct may not have fully developed yet. This can cause her eye to be very watery.Babies are often born with a duct that is not fully open, so the tears are unable to drain away. Remedies: You can remove any sticky liquid or crusting by bathing her eye with cooled boiled water and cotton wool.
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Question: Why my baby is getting water from one eye
Answer: Hi dear, It happens when babies catch cold.viral infection could give such watery eyes and some times with sticky yellow discharge.you can just wipe the eyes,with clean,cotton soaked in warm water.there is no such home remedy for that,but keep your baby warm.donot expose we to cold.keep brestfeeding which would help in such infections.
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